K-POP major program

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Through basic theories and practical skills of vocal and dance, various musical genres and styles are applied to find their own musical colors and build the competitiveness of K-pop leaders as original artists.

Education is conducted focusing on the following major contents.
  • 체크Vocal harmony
    • Intensive vocal training for chorus, a cappella and etc.
  • 체크Studio vocal recording / Directing
    • Education to improve vocal skills by identifying one’s abilities and strengths and weaknesses through recording
  • 체크Professional vocal skills
    • Education for vocal student’s various singing experiences
  • 체크Rap ensemble
    • Education for basic rap skills as a K-POP vocalist
  • 체크Song interpretation
    • In-depth vocal education to grasp the intention of the composer and express richer expressions
  • 체크Professional skills 1:1
    • Education to enhance singing and expression according to individual vocal skills
  • 체크Basic dance practice
    • Education to acquire basic skills that a major must have
  • 체크K-pop dance
    • Training for K-pop stars, focusing on the latest hit songs
  • 체크Choreography
    • Education to experience and digest the various choreography styles of the faculty
  • 체크Choreography with heels
    • An education where you wear heels and show balance and various emotions through dance
  • 체크Expression
    • Training to practice various expressive skills so that you can express your dance more deeply
  • 체크Video production
    • Training to make your own choreography videos for graduation
  • 체크Dance creation practice
    • Choreography making training where you make your own dance to K-pop songsPerformance practice
  • 체크Performance practice
    • Train a song to dance and sing at the same time, and then train on stage
  • 체크Basic harmonics
    • Through harmony education, which is the basis of music, students learn the principles and techniques of harmony so that students can apply them to creation
  • 체크Mixing/Mastering
    • Training to study and practice mix/master techniques, the final step in music production
  • 체크Rhythmic arrangement
    • Aims to understand and develop the basics of the rhythm section and education so that students can demonstrate their abilities according to their individuality through arrangement